Yucca Mountain

 Due to Gordon Rule requirements.

 What to include: science behind your topic, in-depth discussion of subtopics, scientific research, interesting facts/subjects, and your own twist (make it interesting).

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 Make sure to keep the paper “scientific.” While your topic may be politically fueled, make sure to focus on the science as opposed to the spin (news and politics).

 Do not focus on: politics, economics, sociology, history, biology (plants and animals), or other non-Earth Science related subjects

 Length: 2-4 pages

 A Works Cited page and citing references within paragraphs are required, use MLA style (annotations are not needed for the works cited on the final paper)

 Format: margins 1 in. on all sides,12 point Times New Roman font, and 1.5 line spacing

 Grading: based on content, thoroughness, research, use of the English language, and grammar (in that order).

A MLA formatted works cited page is required

 Make sure to follow the requirements for sources listed in the Term Project Outline handout (at least 5 sources, at least 3 must be print sources, and at least 1 source must be primary literature)

 Annotations are not required for the works cited page

 You may include as many sources as you like

 Sources do not have to be the same as those used in your annotated bibliography

 MLA formatted parenthetical citations (citations within the body of the paper) are required

 You must cite the source for all information gathered, not just quoted passages

 If a single sentence came from a source the citation goes inside the period (Smith, 2015). If an entire paragraph came from one source the citation goes outside the period. (Smith, 2015)

Topic: Yucca Mountain