Write an essay that reflects on the land use proposals activity we did in class. Make sure to address the following: If it were up to you, and you alone, what would be the best use of the land in question? Feel free to modify any of the proposals to suit

Here is the summarize of the land use activities. Just Choose one to write. About 750 words, In the introduction: Write something about “all the land use presentations are very good. Housing group has a very good presentation. However, as for me……” something like this, make the essay related to the class. This is an Environmental science class. Mention at least one environmental reasons.

1) A group intends to purchase the land and build an amusement park for the tourists complete with a dirt bike race-course.

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2) A sand and gravel company wishes to purchase the land and develop the large sand and gravel deposits underneath the top soil. They plan to install shaker screens and an aggregate mill on the site. They will employ up to 30 local people as workers for the next 15 years.

3) An out-of-town development company desperately wants to obtain the property and put in 65 subsidized housing units for low income families and the elderly.

4) A local dairy farmer, who wants to expand into truck gardening, wants the land to raise strawberries and raspberries.

5) A processor of waste oil from service stations wants the land to use as a trucking depot; he claims he will not install storage tanks or filtration units to house or process the oil.

6) A legal representative for a “near eastern religious group” wishes to purchase the land for his clients to use as a religious retreat. He says it will be used for training and meditative purposes.

7) A contractor wants the land to develop into house lots; each lot would be a minimum of 3 acres, could not be further subdivided EVER, and any house built on the lot would have to have a minimum of 3,500 feet of living space excluding the garage.

8) The local rod and gun club wants the land for a shooting range and meeting site.