Write an essay of between 1,300 and 1,500 words

Essay Topic:

Define qualia, and give an example of a quale that is especially meaningful to you. In your opinion, are qualia something separate from the brain? Does a quale contain information above and beyond the neural information it depends on? Discuss with reference to the thought-experiments of the bat and of Mary the colour-scientist.

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Use real life example to demonstrate or prove your point and also use academic cases. INCLUDE in-text citation. Find the refrences of the bat and Mary the color-scientist below. And use other academic sources too.

The purpose of your essay is to:

1) Report on the research you have done

2) If appropriate, raise alternative points of view and considerations ignored or neglected by your sources

3) Articulate and defend your personal perspectives on these issues

The central skills you will be developing in this assignment are:

  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Reasoning
  • The Ability to Articulate and Defend Your Perspective In Writing.

Essay Guidelines: Please read carefully!

  • Your essay must contain several references to and quotations from AT LEAST TWO relevant academic sources. These must be referenced properly, according to APA guidelines.
  • Essays should contain references to class discussions, in-class role plays etc.

Some of the sources that can be used are shown below:

Reading from another of Damasio’s books: ‘The Feeling of What Happens’ (contains a discussion of qualia): attached as Document 1

Reading regarding the bat: attached as Document 2

Video of Mary the color scientist: