Write a two page research paper on an existing manufactoring company

Write a two page research paper on an existing manufactoring company. The attached .PDF file is the 2016 KY Manufacturers Directory from which you may pick your home county or a county at random (if you are an out of state student, please use this document) from which to select a manufacturer to spotlight. Suggestions for information to be included in your paper is listed below:

1. Where are they located
2. What do they manufacture
3. How many people do they employ
4. Who do they supply their product to (who is their main customer)
5. Who supplies raw material to them (if you can find this out)
6. What was their total earnings last year as a company
7. When did they come into existence
8. Who are their major competitors

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This list provides suggestions for content of your paper, however is not intended to be restictive for your company may have some unique characteristics or issues which should be included.