Why did i choose the doctore program

To maintain the highest level of excellence in our Doctor of Nursing Practice

program we limit the number of applicants admitted for each start date.

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Part of the selection process includes reviewing writing samples from prospective

students. This writing sample will be reviewed by our DNP Selection Committee.

Once you have completed the writing assignment described below, please forward

the Letter of Intent to your enrollment counselor.

  • Write a short essay in response to the following four questions:
  • 1. What is your motivation for earning a doctoral degree?

    2. What do you envision doing differently when your degree is


    3. What is your idea for a topic for your Direct Practice Improvement

    (DPI) project?

    4. Where do you plan to do most of your Practice hours?

  • The title of this essay will be: Letter of Intent
  • This paper should be at approximately 500 words in length.
  • This paper must be written in APA format using Microsoft Word and must
  • include both a cover and reference page.

  • Include one reference citation from any source.
  • I have been in the nursing for 14 years, always wanted to become an nursing leader. Communication improvement should be my project, and at a doctor’ clinic is where I plan to spent my hours.