Why are there more specialists than generalist physicians in the U.S.?

Check for me my answer for the questions that is in the title and check my answer and add some sentence and resources

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(((The United States made health care cost so high. It made the preventive care unaffordable. Health care system in the U.S made the cost higher compare to any other developed country. Healthcare share in $3.2 trillion, or 17.8 percent, of the total domestic production. That’s the highest percentage in the advanced world. There are few reasons of why the cost so high for example, Rising of malpractice complaint lawsuits. Because of this, doctors often over-test, ordering $1,000 MRIs and $1,500 colonoscopies. They do it even if they don’t need it because it protects them from getting any problem or sued. Also, there is less price competition in health care than in other manufacturers, for example, consumer electronics. It’s because most people don’t pay cash for health care. They hid away the cost the patient pays only a set fee and the insurance company pays the rest. Patients don’t price-shop for doctors or any other producers as the electronics.)))