What started your interest in BME?, essay help

write an essay about why i want to be an engineer i will let know why but i want the essay to be organized based in writing style and grammar

and there is 4 parts that i have to cover which is

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• What started your interest in BME? •

What type of job do you see yourself enjoying (industry, clinical practice, research, etc.)? •

What level of education will you pursue (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., etc.)? •

What field of BME interests you (see slides from lecture 1)?

well what make me start thinking to be an engineer is that my father and and one of my cousin make loves it and they start to explain what is it to be an engineer in the future in many cases and spicily what make choose biomedical is because my sister is a doc so she start also to tell more about it and theses kind of job that mu country need in the future so i will help my country when i go back and i will serve my family well

i see my self in industry because i like to do thing not to do some research or clinical practice

and i rather pursue M.S DAGREE but what i think i will pursue a B.S degree

i see my in Manufacturing Engineer

and you can add some extra word related to mine