Violent Weather: Comparisons between Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey

Topic:Comparisons between Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey

Two of the most devastating hurricanes that made landfalls in the United States in recent times are Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey. Compare them by addressing the variables listed below.

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  • Year of occurrence
  • Describe the path from formation to landfall
  • Category on the Saffir-Simpson’s scale
  • Where it made landfall
  • Any unusual features about the hurricane
  • Reason(s) why it made news headlines
  • Provide detailed description of their impacts; e.g. fatalities, property damage ($), economic losses,
  • Reponses by Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs), etc.


  1. Divide the paper into subsections with subheadings. Do not modify the title of the paper
  1. The paper should be at least 2,000 words. The word count does not include the title page, table of content and the bibliography. Any paper turned in not meeting this requirement won’t be graded. If you are in doubt of the number of words in your document, use the word count feature in Microsoft Word to check. Write the total number of words at the bottom of the paper. The title page, Table of Contents and the list of Works Cited do not count towards the 2,000 words.
  1. Remember this is a science term paper so a scientific paper style is expected. QUOTES ARE NOT ALLOWED. You are required to read widely and analyze the work of others, using as many sources as you can (books, journals, newspapers, reports, web etc.), synthesizing information from all the source materials and presenting it in your own words.
  1. Your sources should include a minimum of five journal articles, and all sources should be appropriately referenced. Both in-text and citation referencing (to be found under the heading “Works Cited” at the end of the paper) should be done as shown in the sample article.Newspaper articles do not count.
  1. You are allowed to use figures for illustrations, but they only have to be referenced in the body of the document. All supporting figures and tables should be adequately labeled and must be attached to the document as appendix

Sample Paper Attached: Do not plagarize