Unit 10 A1

Psychological Disorders  

Think about the psychological disorders you are most likely to work with professionally. Which is the most significant in the work you do or would like to do? Research this disorder and locate at least three peer-reviewed articles to support your work in this assignment.  Requirements  For the psychological disorder you selected, complete the following: •Explain how the disorder influences behavior. •Describe how structural, anatomical, physiological, and cultural factors affect behavior associated with the disorder. •Explain how culture and lived experience influence psychology professionals’ understanding of the disorder. •Analyze current treatments for the disorder in terms of both efficacy and ethics.  Additional Requirements •Include a title page and reference page. •Number of pages: 5–7 •At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources. •APA format. •Times New Roman font, 12 point. •Double-spaced.

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