TORSION TEST experiment for meterial science

I did work with u befor so i think u know its technical writing just do me the result section persent them in a table

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This is a guideline for the result section

Results – Data is presented as either tables or figures (photos, graphs, drawings, etc.), as

appropriate, in this section. Number each table (use Roman numbers) or figure (use Arabic

numbers) sequentially, and summarize information about the sample number, type of

measurement, and measurement value (with correct units). See section A.8. Illustrations,

Tables and Graphs for important additional details on the presentation of tables and figures. If

the results are presented in a separate section from the discussion, then this section would be

simply a presentation of the data or results, without any interpretation of it. Unless otherwise

instructed you should present your results together and integrated with a discussion as described

below. ALL of your Tables and Figures should be specifically referred to by number in the text

of your discussion. You should not have any Tables or Figures that are not mentioned in the text.

An example of an appropriate table of results is presented below: