Topic 3 Assignment – System Soluctions (Update/Revise attached paper based on info below)

Topic 3 Assignment: System Solutions

Liverty Hospital is ready to move forward with implementing a new EHR system. In Discussion 2.3, you and your team evaluated three different products:

  • Waiting Room Solutions
  • Practice Fusion EHR
  • AllScripts MyWay EHR

Since your evaluation, you have learned that one of the main issues encountered at the hospital is the accessibility of patient information in its specialty clinics, as well as the technical skill level of the clinical staff. So you decide to evaluate one additional product: Waiting Room Solutions Specialty Packs. Look for specialties like allergy & immunology, audiology, bariatric surgery, etc. If you scroll down, you will find different videos within each specialty.

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Based on this new information, and the evaluation you have already completed, make a recommendation of which EHR Liverty should choose. Summarize your recommendation in a 2-page double-spaced paper in APA style. In your recommendation,

  • briefly describe the features of this product that differentiate it from others you have evaluated.
  • discuss specific system functions and how they will meet your organization’s needs and requirements.