Summer camp for youth with disabilities

Please see below:
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Innovative Theory & Practice
Spring 2013


PURPOSE: To write and submit an abbreviated literature review of TWO research articles from peer-reviewed, professional sources (journals) that provide supporting evidence for your New Program Development Project. You must adhere to the following guidelines below.

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1. Submit your typed review (3-4 pages of content after cover sheet, 1” margins, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font) in either MS Word or PDF. No other formats will be accepted.
2. Include a cover page (exempt from the total page count) with the following information, double-spaced and centered on the page: Name, Course Name, Term and Instructor Name
3. Use the three headings below for organizing each section of your paper.
4. Follow APA format for citations and reference page (refer to any Online Writing Lab – OWL – website for help with APA format).


Write a brief paragraph identifying the following:
• The general topic or issue addressed in the articles and how these articles relate to your New Program Development project
• The authors purpose behind the articles (state the problem) and then briefly compare/contrast the two articles

In the discussion section of your paper:
• Identify the type of research conducted (single case study, experimental design, etc.)
• Identify the participants and sample size
• Identify the methodology of the data collected (qualitative or quantitative) and comment on any statistically significant findings
• Summarize the results

In the conclusion state the following:
• Conclusion of the authors in both studies, including the need for further research if indicated
• Determine if an OTA could further contribute to the implementation of either study or whether that role would be appropriate, including
o Which steps of the methodology an OTA could administer
o What specific training would you as an OTA want to establish service competency for inter-rater reliability
• Finally, describe how these studies support your New Program Development project or how you might use this evidence for educational purposes  CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable  CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable