Someone can help me answer the questions provided?

A theory: a. Occurs with unvarying uniformity under ideal conditions. b. Explains why events occur in nature. c. Does not have to have the agreement of the scientific community. d. Asks a question that needs to be answered. e. Is the result of one single well-proven and well accepted-hypothesis. 2. The scientific method is: a. A process that scientists use to understand phenomenon better. b. Equivalent to a theory. c. Equivalent to a law. d. Equivalent to both a theory and a law. 3. Plate Tectonics processes are what primarily shape our ocean basins. a. True b. False 4. What energy source is Earth using primarily for its internal processes? a. Primordial heat from Earth’s formation b. The core c. Radioactive decay d. The sun

Please check the pdf.

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