SFTY540 Embry Riddle NIMS Preparation for Hurricane Katrina Paper

Post your answer to the following topic in this Discussion and respond to at least one of your peer’s post by the end of the module week.

You have the option to develop a hypothetical disaster event in your region/community or refer to a recent event (Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, etc.), and apply one of the four components of NIMS (preparedness, communications and information management, resource management, command and management, or ongoing management and maintenance).

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For example, if you decide on a hypothetical event and select Communications and Information Management, how would NIMS ensure application of the concepts of interoperability, reliability, scalability, and portability, as well as the resiliency and redundancy of communications and information systems? If instead you selected a real-world event, discuss how the selected component played out pre-, during- and post-event. If you selected Preparedness for Hurricane Sandy, speak to the integrated combination of assessment; planning; procedures and protocols; training and exercises; personnel qualifications, licenser, and certification; equipment certification; multi-jurisdictional coordination; and evaluation and revision that helped prepare for the hurricane and resulting response and recovery.