Searching for Extrasolar Planets discussion

Discussion Topic for Session 5: Post an article that is about Searching for Extrasolar Planets. This can be about any of the many recent discoveries of planets orbiting other stars.

General Information about Discussions: The purpose of the discussions is to keep up to date with recent discoveries and also to engage you in rich, scientific discussion.

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For each session you should:

  1. Post a scientifically-valid article on the session’s topic with its URL and a 1-3 paragraph summaryof the article for your groupmates. Do this well before the Deadline 1 (see top of page). You must post a unique article that no one has posted yet in the group.
  2. For the rest of the session, you should read others’ articles and ask questions as well as respond to questions people ask about your article. discuss the articles in your groups with your groupmates. On your own article you should respond to people’s questions by doing deeper research using other valid scientific articles to provide evidence.

The success of discussions relies on solid scientific information. This means avoiding propoganda or “alternate facts”. Here, again, are some sites that advise how to ensure the validity of information on the Internet:

I typically stay out of the discussion while it is ongoing but I do read everything at the end of the session. If you have questions that are not being answered in the discussions, and you want my help, please post the question in the Ask Jodi Discussion Thread or please email me at:

Specific websites you may want to use for searching for articles include: