scometry & hemorheology lab report

note I did the lab report already and there is too many mistake in there I will uploaded and u can see it and fix ones I pick you

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One combined Lab Report . Given the two reports combined into one, you need a FULL Introduction; full Materials & Methods; Results – please group into separate analyses for viscometry & hemorheology; Discussion – please write two distinct sections discussing your viscometry findings separately from your hemorheology findings; Conclusions – give two distinct paragraphs or more describing the overall findings in the two labs.

i will post the file need for each lab

for viscometry

I did the result already all u have to do is do the casson graph and some other graph by fooling the lab handout That I am going to upload

See attached files for descriptions on Viscometry & Viscosity.

Here is a description of a T-test & its p-value.

for Hemorhelogy

Please see prof attached data as a back-up for some decent data from the hemorheology measurements.

His files are named with a p to represent plasma. The .5 in the file name represents 0.5 x hematocrit data. The bood in the file name means regular blood. And the 1.5 in the filename means 1.5 x hematocrit. His spindle speeds from these data go from 12 – 80 rpms.

i post envying thing u need let me know if u have any question