SC121 Cranial Nerve and Viral Infection Medial Lemniscus Tract Questions

Must be references APÁ style

Please write answers in your own words

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Please use textbook and other resources to help to answer these

Section 13.2 and section 12.5 and 12.6

Essay #1: identify four of the 12 cranial nerve ( one sensory, one motor, and two mixed ( sensory / motor ) what are their functions? Where in the brain ( in the CNS ) and in the body ( outside the CNS ) do they originate and serve?

Essay #2: A viral infection has damaged a patient’s spinothalamic, corticospinal, and posterior column – medial lemniscus tract. What are these pathways or tracts and their functions in the CNS, and what are some signs exhibited by the patient that will help you, as a doctor, to accurately diagnose the problem and the cause of the infection?

Essay #3: what are Three differences ( 3 for each area by comparing them ( 1 a,b,c: 2 a,b,c: 3 a,b,c;) between the motor, sensory and Associated Areas in the brain. Identify two of such areas, and explain their functions ( the area ) in the region of the brain, and where exactly ( the area ) is it located in that region of the brain? Section 12.2 Cortex ( 1 a – motor, b – sensory, c – associated: 2 a – motor, b – sensory, c – associated: 3 a – motor, b – sensory, c – associated )

Essay #4: Explain the different “ Errors in Refraction “ ( sec 15. 5 ), and describe the major structures in the inner ear, their structure, and function ( what do they do & how ) of the various parts?

Essay #5: A viral infection has damaged a patient’s tectospinal tract. What signs of this damage probably helped the physicians diagnose the problem?

Essay #6: what are the different classifications of sensory receptors? Provide and describes two example of each. Since sensory receptors and neurons are involve in reflexes, define and provide the various types? Chapter 13, section 13.4 & 13.6 and Chapter 12.