Rochester Unnatural Causes in Sickness and In Wealth Video Questions

  • Who did the Whitehall study look at (describe the participants they studied) and what did they find was the connection between health and employment grade?
  • What is the wealth-health gradient?
  • What stories from Jim Taylor’s life illustrate how wealth, power, and status translate into better health?
  • What did the monkey research study teach us about the connections between power, subordination, and health?Discuss how stress impacted the health of the dominant versus subordinate monkeys.
  • Why would changes that promote greater equity (equality) translate into population health improvements?
  • What are some of the chronic stressors mentioned in the film that affect our health? (list 5)
  • Discuss how societal forces create and reinforce the stressors you listed above?
  • What additional set of stressors might racism impose?