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Substance abuse literature review.

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Posted by Jaclyn J.

The journal that i chose explains the relationship between the various groups of society and the occurrence of substance abuse. Substance abuse and mental illness are both serious psychological comorbidity problems that directly relate to social integration. Social integration is the presence of social relationships in maintaining good health and social networks. If these particular social integrations are negative, they can cause stressors which in time can lead a person to addiction. In turn, individuals with lower social ranks generally are more susceptible to health problems and addiction because they lack the support and resources needed to cope.The article presented a study that examined if marriage and religion could mediate the relationship between social location and the co-occurrence of substance abuse.This article also talks about how strong ties to marriage and religion can foster healthier lifestyles and lifestyle choices. The conclusion of the study presented that both factors were effective in protecting individuals from the effects of mental illness and the co-occurrence of substance abuse.

Tenorio, K. A., & Lo, C. C. (2011). Social Location, Social Integration, and the Co-occurrence of Substance Abuse and Psychological Distress. American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 37(4), 218–223.

Substance Abuse literature review

Posted by Latarra G.

This article is about the misuse of the drug opioid in the emergency department. This pill is for the use of people who have chronic problems. There are many people that have been misusing this drug that it’s really causing them to overdose. They have all the access threw doctors that are writing these prescriptions causing them to become addicted. The misuse of opioid has went up tremendously compared to back in the 90’s.They are trying to have a decrease of user by allowing them to compete a screening to make sure they are not giving to people who are misusing. With the help of the right education and training they are hoping to see a significant change with user. The screening they currently have no way for nurse to really see the misuse of patients using opioid. Hopefully in the near future that will change.

Legislative: Opioid Abuse Risk Assessment in the Emergency Department: A Missed Opportunity for Prevention.

Please respond the the following posts.

Strategic planning

In one of your 2 replies, discuss the changing role of the strategy planners and facilitators as it applies to a post from your peers.

Posted by Felicia T.

Strategic management and planning is very important to an organization or company. Strategic management and planning gives the company structure and determines how the company will move forward. The plan sets direction for the organization and makes sure that the company also has a vision and goals. (Harris,
2018). Many companies that have an large group of employees aren’t organized properly this is a reason why the two are very important in providing an frame work for the company. The company that I currently work for has great strategic management and planning when it comes to their employees recently I met with my supervisor and had my yearly evaluation. One thing that stuck out to me is that my supervisor made sure that the employees had an goal for the next year that would better the company no matter if it was make sure to improve on attendance or trying to move upward in the company. The benefits to making sure employees in the company have a plan or future goal provides a road map, direction, and focus for the organizations future which is very important. (Harris, 2018).

Strategic management mainly deals with the leaders in tne company. Making sure that the organization is moving in the right direction and the companies missions and goals are being exceeded. This is important because healthcare is changing at a fast pace and everyone in the company needs to be on board. Management making short and long term goals for the company can truly make a difference.

Harris. J.M. (2018). Healthcare Strategic Planning. (4th ED). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Posted by Heather H.

Strategic planning is being used more today especially in health care. With changes constantly happening on Capital Hill, systems need to look at the now and future in order to survive. Hospitals are joining together or getting bought out by large systems making it harder for individual hospitals to stay afloat (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2013). Using strategic planning can be tricky but if implemented right lead to great success. Making sure to set a plan and have the right people in place to facilitate are keys to a successful planning session. The group must understand what the planning process entails and the schedule and expectation of each session. Communication throughout the process and after are crucial. Many plans fail after implementation due to lack of communication in both directions. If the team does not understand the plan it will not be successful. If the team does not communicate problems or obstacles they are running into the plan will fail. Making sure to have a strong leadership team in place is critical. If there is not good leadership, the planning sessions themselves will fall apart and the plan will never be realized. Good follow through and even have outside support for a different point of view is strongly encouraged. Having a strategic plan in place also helps motivate and incentivize employees and customers. Knowing the plan for keeping a company stable in the future makes employees feel better about their career and therefore more productive in their daily tasks (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2013). A strategic plan will never take place without the proper preparation, leadership and collaboration.


Becker’s Hospital Review. (2013). 5 Intangible Benefits Of Hospital Strategic Planning. Retrieved from