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Details to include:

– Background information on the topic (explain any new terms, etc) – If the topic concerns an environmental problem, explain how scientists have dealt with it or propose to deal with it.

– Most current data available from recent journal articles or trusted websites. Other data may be included from environmental texts.

– Chemical reactions relevant to the topic, Informative figures, graphs or tables (scan or copy/paste) as Appendix (section at the end of the paper entitled “Appendix”)

– Obtain information from a variety of sources including books and journal articles. Ensure information from online sources is from trusted websites. Do not use Wikipedia. References and In-text Citations Use the American Chemical Society citation format as given by the ACS Style Guide.

– Please use the numeric superscript style for in-text citations instead of the author year format. An online overview of this citation method may be found on the Williams College Library site.

– Length of paper The paper should be 10 to 15 pages (excluding figures, tables, graphs, appendices and reference list). It should be typed in normal (10 to 12) font using double line spacing with default margins. A paper substantially shorter (or longer) will have marks deducted. Please use Microsoft Word to type and upload your paper.

***Please include reliable figures and graphs and do not forget that any graphics, tables, and figures are part of the appendix and that is NOT included in the 10 page count.***

***I have attached the outline I created for the paper but PLEASE in addition to the outline, include the water acidity issue***