Research Ethics Discussion Board

1- Based upon the articles I attached and your own understanding please answer the following questions. Is it ethical to randomize clinical treatment trials? Meaning is it ok to hold treatment from one group and give it to another? Why is randomization important in research of a quantitative nature?

ANSWER: It removes researcher bias and improves reliability. But what ethical questions are raised? The question as stated above is whether we are withholding treatment from one group while giving it to another, whether it be a clinical drug trial or a new training tool. Is this ethical? Why or Why not?

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2- What are some of the ethical or human subjects issues that may exist in your own research direction? What do you need to be careful about regarding your design? (to answer this question, my research will be conducted on spontaneous volunteers responding to disasters, spontaneous volunteers are those who are not affiliated or coordinated with any disaster volunteers organization (spontaneous volunteers also called convergent volunteers) , so do you think that might face some ethical issues?

The articles:


3- And the articles I attached below

Important notes:

1- Use APA format for citation.