Report; Clinical Practice Record and Reflection

Part 1:
Students are to document the Four physical assessments: ( fill it in template provider, Complete a separate report for each case, complete a total of 4 assessments)

1. The patient’s presenting complaint/condition
2. The patient’s medical/surgical background and medication history

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3. Your health assessment findings
4. Your diagnosis and differential diagnoses
5. Your recommendation of a patient centred treatment plan

Part 2:
Students will select 1 physical assessment for each of the 2 learning objectives (2 physical assessment in total) ( my physical assessment is abdomen assessment and abdomen X-ray) and

provide rationale for their decision making in relation to the diagnosis,

differential diagnoses and use of investigations.

Students must use research evidence to support rationale and decision-making. Students are to reflect on their performance and identify areas of Strengths and Areas for improvement.

The report is not an essay however it should be written in a scholarly style i.e. not using shorthand and in paragraphs .

Note: i have the plan, template of part1 and criteria and the notes.