Relationship Between Faith and Reason Writing Paper

In 500 words or less, explain the relationship between faith and reason. Try and use cultural references as well as cite information from the readings and the videos. Include a citation page. Make sure you also respond to two different peers.

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George Johnson, Bridging the divide between science and religion,

Religion and science,

respond in few Sentences to two different peers::

1- In the early days of scientific development, it had long been affected by religion. Scientific research sometimes became a tool of religious rule. Essentially, science, like religion, is ultimately built on a platform of beliefs and assumptions. And with the development of modern science and the rise of scientism, people further emphasized that only those that can be proved by scientific experiments could be regarded as “truth”. Since then, the gap between reason and belief has been getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, some people today believe that as a rational person, they cannot accept any religious belief. The relationship between reason and belief is more of an indelible conflict.

The reasoning usually refers that deducing reasonable conclusions after careful consideration. While belief refers that having confidence and trust in some views which lack empirical evidence. From my point of view, although there are some inevitable conflicts between reason and faith, both of them can coexist in this complex world. Whether for religion or science, there are still many unknown things waiting to be explored. Sir John Houghton has mentioned that one of the most important statements for a scientist and a believer is that I don’t know. Many researchers hold the point that the aim of science is to replace religious teachings with verifiable theories. In the early days, science often relied on religion to survive.

According to Anne Provoost, we could not deny the existence of fatal instant in everyone’s life, when people wish that they could change the fingers of the clock and get back to the moment when all the disasters have not yet occurred. Thus, it is very clear that reason cannot help people to achieve this. For example, when people are diagnosed by modern medicine as incurable patients, they are unable to determine whether to live or die. Under this circumstance, those who have a belief in religion are calmer to face the ultimate death. Therefore, belief and reason are interactional and interdependent. People have to use rational analysis to improve the ability of rational thinking. At sometimes taking faith as a spiritual pillar, when facing life predicaments.

2- The relationship between faith and reason is that they are worlds apart. Reason is to think of something logically in order to come to a conclusion which can be tested to gain evidence and facts. Faith is based on spiritual belief that gives people hope, rather than proof. In the video, “Bill Moyers: On Faith & Reason – Margaret Atwood | PBS,” Atwood mentions that people want and don’t want things. An example from the video is that Atwood mentioned that we want heaven, we don’t want hell and that gods can fly, people cannot fly. She mentions that people want to fulfill their desires. Humans have created methods in order to gain flight through science and discovery, yet we still cannot fly like superheroes or gods. In the end, however, even though they are worlds apart from each other, they share a common goal in their own ways.

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