Rasmussen College Medical Administrative Assistant Profession Project

This project assignment will have two parts. The first part will discuss aspects of the Medical Administrative Assistant profession. The second part of the assignment will have you conduct a job search relating to the various job opportunities associated with a Medical Administrative Assistant degree and answer specific questions associated with your search.

Part 01: Medical Administrative Assistant Profession

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In 1-2 pages, discuss the following aspects associated with the Medical Administrative Assistant profession:

  • Why you are pursuing a career in the field of Medical Administrative Assistant?
  • What are the common job qualifications employers desire when hiring individuals with a Medical Administrative Assistant degree?
  • Why are transferable skills (soft skills) important for individuals to know and demonstrate when working as a Medical Administrative Assistant?
  • What are some of the various healthcare organizations you could work for as well as the potential different day-to-day roles/responsibilities you could have?

Part 02: Medical Administrative Assistant Profession Job Search

In addition to discussing the bullet points above, you will conduct a job search of local health care organizations and explain your findings. Some different job search engines include careerbuilder.com, monster.com, usajobs.gov, indeed.com or even go directly to local organization’s website. Be sure to use a broad term like “health care administration,” and to search for jobs in your current geographic area or where you plan to live after graduating.

In one page, discuss the following aspects of your job search for the second part of your assignment:

  • What website/method did you find to be most useful in conducting your job search and how many job listings did you find in your geographic area?
  • Were the job descriptions/requirements and roles of the various job opportunities similar or different?
  • Did any of the job descriptions/requirements discuss a need for transferable skills/soft skills?