Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Your active participation in our weekly Discussions is important to the shared learning experience. Active participation will also develop our community of learning. Please participate as early in the week as possible, and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas as often as you can throughout the unit.

Respond to the topic below. Your original response should be at least 200–250 words. Your follow-up posts to peers must be at least 50–75 words each. Use your words wisely so the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Limit the use of direct quotes; use your own words wherever possible.

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Respond to the following question:

  • Read the program outcomes listed under Reading.
    • Which program outcomes do you think are the most and least important for the particular job(s) in the psychology field that you are considering? Explain.   **Make sure to state the specific psychology job you’re interested in…   (Yes, most outcomes are important, so choosing one that is less important may be challenging — but please make sure to answer that part of the question)

    ***Please remember to include credits to your sources…. ***      *** Points will be deducted starting this week if you forget to include a credit to your source!!*