Please explain Id, ego,and super Ego?

Id is basically your basic desires that every one is born with i.e. Reproductive desires, hunger and aggression. They are the fundamental tools present to enable survival in this world for any given species including humans.

The super ego is what opposes the id and prevents humans behaving like wild animals. This has a lot to do with conscience and impulse control.

The ego on the other hand is the moderator between the superego and the id. It prevents either of them from taking full control of the organism. It is your thinking process that enables you to make wise decisions and coming up with solutions for the continuous conflict between the id and the super ego.

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For example, in a condition called bulimia nervosa, the id tells your body to eat and eat (because it gives you satisfaction and pleasure) but the super ego intervenes and says, “too much food can make you fat and is bad for you”… and makes the person guilty as a result. This conflict is eventually resolved by the ego which says “okay you can eat and gain all the pleasure you want but just vomit it out to prevent its harmful effects on your body”

Hope this is helpful