Physics pre-lab Conservation of Spring and Gravitational Potential Energy

Please complete all the questions in the physics pre-lab and show all work. Files are attached. This pre-lab is on Conservation of Spring and Gravitational potential energy.

When a spring is stretched or compressed a distance x from its equilibrium length, the spring exerts a restoring force F. The equation relating the force F and the displacement x is

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and K is a constant called the spring constant with units N/m. The negative sign is equation 1 indicates that the restoring force direction is opposite the displacement. When a spring is compressed or stretched by x it has stored energy called Spring potential energy given by U k= 1/2kx^2. When the spring is stretched from a displacement of x1 to a displacement of x2, the change in spring energy is equal to the work done on the spring.

Work=changeUk=1/2 k (x 2/2-x 2over1)