PHI292 Barry University Active and Passive Euthanasia Philosophy Paper

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Answer one and only one of the following numbered questions.Please ensure that you answer each part of the numbered question you select to answer.Your essay needs to be typewritten, in black ink, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.You must either use MLA or CMS style.I prefer Times New Roman font, size twelve.Lastly, your essay needs to be at least four FULL pages in length, but the essay should not exceed six pages.If you should have any questions, please let me know.

  1. It has been suggested that, evolution being what it is, monogamy is not obviously something that human beings are suited for.Human beings are all but plagued by sexual desire.So this raises the interesting question of whether or not monogamy is a rational social practice.If it is, there ought to be some very good reasons for it notwithstanding the aches of sexual desire.

So make the case for monogamy.This requires speaking to the weaknesses and strengths of monogamy.And in making your case, be sure to take into account the extent to which the considerations you proffer are or are not at odds with evolution.

  1. For several decades, bioethicists have debated whether killing differs from letting die.A leading physician in medical ethics once admitted, “I have had occasion to give a patient pain medication we both knew would shorten her life.”Obviously, we can ask: does this differ from killing her?Some have argued that just as rape and making love are different, so are killing and assisted suicide.Even so, James Rachels argues that this distinction has no inherent moral value and often leads to decisions about death based on irrelevant factors.What argument(s) does Rachels’ use to help to establish this thesis?Is intending death by removing a respirator equivalent to suffocating a patient with a pillow?Is it difficult to draw a line between active and passive?Why or why not?
  1. Hill’s essay raises questions common to both racism and sexism.Both blacks and women have, at times, been servile to whites and to men.Sometimes those decisions were prudent.Slaves knew that if they were “uppity” they might endanger themselves and their families.In such extreme oppressive environments, servility was arguably not a vice.However, in the current environment, blacks and women should shed any remnants of servility.They should see themselves as valuable people whom others should respect.People with a healthy self-respect will, among other things, claim their rights.Otherwise, by their silence, they imply that the dominant group’s behavior and attitudes toward them is justified.What arguments does Hill use to support these claims?

Imagine an excellent reader entirely bereft of a sense of intrinsic moral worth finds Hill’s essay extremely intuitive and quite persuasive.Thanks to reading Hill’s essay, he understands that he is being not just kind or considerate, but morally servile.Now, it is tempting to say that it is rather unlikely that someone so bereft of a sense of moral worth is going to change so radically in his thinking about such matters and will not come to value himself simply in virtue of reading a very good philosophical argument.Why may this be so?

  1. Evidence suggests that date rape is far more common than most of us would like to admit.Virtually everyone agrees that rape is bad, even if, and perhaps especially if, the perpetrator and the victim know each other.However, people disagree vehemently about how, in particular cases, to distinguish consensual sex from date rape.We can all agree about paradigm cases of consensual sex—when it is clear to everyone that both parties are eager participants.We can also agree about paradigm cases of rape—when a woman is taken forcibly from her home, physically assaulted, and raped.However, there are problems in deciding if date rape has occurred.Drawing upon Pineau’s essay, what are some of the most significant problems in determining whether date rape has occurred?Discuss why Pineau believes that an appeal to communicative sexuality can help us decide when date rape has occurred.What is your assessment of her argument?