PE 2.2: Fake magazine

Sports Magazine Article

Imagine you have been hired as a fitness expert for a popular sports magazine. For next month’s issue, you have been asked to write an article about warming up and cooling down. Your article should be at least three paragraphs long. You may want to refer back to the lessons and the links in the “Sprint” section. You should include the following information in your article:

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  • A catchy title
  • The importance of warming up and cooling down
  • The physiological benefits of warming up and cooling down
  • The mental and emotional benefits of warming up and cooling down
  • Tips and hints about the proper way to warm up and cool down
  • Information about when and how to stretch

Save the document as noted and upload in the course. Your article can be also be typed directly into the electronic form 2.2 Assignment if provided. Click here for more information on submitting assignments.