Part 2: The Art of Cosmology

Cosmology is not just about taking beautiful pictures but it is about understanding how the Cosmos works! It is quite true in art, but even more so in Cosmology where a picture contains a thousand words. Or in the case of the first images taken by the COBE satellite of the Cosmic Microwave Background, over 20,000 research papers were written on the COBE results eventually culminating in over 200,000 research papers in the past several decades on all the Cosmic Microwave Background data! Without much further ado, here is the archive of Hubble’s pictures related to Cosmology:…

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For this part you will also choose 3 pictures of your liking, making sure to visit many of the 8 pages full of pictures! Like in Part 1, be sure to include the following:

I choose these three Abell 2744, A cosmic kaleidoscope, Astronomical you can Google them for the picture and cite purpose

1) The actual picture taken by Hubble properly cited

2) A physical description of the picture (What is the picture of? What is happening in the picture?)

3) To the best of your ability, what does this teach us about our universe? Cosmologists routinely study data from these types of objects to learn many of their physical parameters as well as test our current models against real data. The more data the better!

4) Your personal reaction to the picture. No need to record another’s reaction unless you really want to!