Paper about state of lobster with summary and discussion

Requirement: the paper should be well-written and referenced. It should contain a brief summary of the relevant lectures and assigned readings for the selected case study, an assessment of the in-class discussion as well as a reflection on the papers and lectures on the topic, including, for example,How does it fit into the field of Marine Science and how might it contribute to bridging the science/policy gap? What are some of the challenges and opportunities observed as a result of the readings and lectures for the selected cases

My topic is: state of lobster, we have present with google slides on

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The reference includes in end of slides and I upload some of them. There are other online websites used in the presentation:………

The paper do not have page number requirement but have a brief summary of slides and topic, which is state of lobster. The assessment can focus on the catch allocation and hypothesis policy may not perfectly fit into the field of marine science and marine economy and briefly discuss with it. And the challenges and opportunities observed as a result of readings and cases. Need well organized citation and reference, at least two pages of content of single space.