Pancreatic Cancer Prevention and Vitamin E

Writing a short paper about Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer…

There are two articles uploaded

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1st: Diet and pancreatic cancer prevention

2nd: Vitamin E inhibits pancreatic cancer stem like cells….

  • The paper should be 3 pages maximum around 1200 to 1600 words ( including table or figures from articles)
  • References ( maximum 10 ) in separate paper
  • Please do not copy sentences from articles ( paraphrase please)

Important Points in writing the paper:

  • First you should talk about the pancreatic cancer ( general information including how aggressive this type of cancer and difficulties in diagnosing and treating it ) one paragraph (can use the 1st article)
  • Mention some factors that influence pancreatic cancer initiation ( for example obesity, tobacco smoking, diabetes, diet, and alcohol ) write a brief definition about each one- one paragraph (1st article)
  • Then focus how diet can reduce or prevent pancreatic cancer risk- write about one paragraph (1st article)
  • Write about the benefits of using or consuming (Vitamin E) and how was used in a study to inhibits pancreatic cancer stem like cells and prevent metastasis. ( write about 2 paragraph use 2nd article)
  • Conclusion writing about how changing the diet could prevent the pancreatic cancer risk and using Vitamin E as a chemo-prevention.