Nova Southeastern Genetic History Genogram and Interpretation Paper

Your client can be a friend or family member. There are 3 parts to this assignment.

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The first is the genetic history. A website has been provided for you. Complete a family history from a client of your choosing. The following form can be found on the AMA website at is available for use. Please use this form when completing the Family History Assignment. Download this copy to your computer and type in the appropriate information. Use and complete this form thoroughly. Please do not use names, only initials.

The second part is to conduct a genogram on your client (Here is the website for a free genogram website. Make sure you include a grid or legend to explain the symbols. (Starting with the paternal and maternal grandparents, construct a genogram of the client’s family using the appropriate symbols and connections. Include a grid explaining the symbols that you have used. Include parental siblings and the client’s siblings.)

And the third part is to write a paper explaining the genogram and a narrative of your interpretation. All 3 parts must be compiled into one document and uploaded for submission. Please look at the assignment criteria and the grading rubric. Here is an example of a paper and a genogram. Do not copy from this paper or just substitute information. That is plagiarism and you will receive a failing grade. It is a sample only.

Type a brief 1–2 page explanation of the genogram using 4 to 3 peer-reviewed references. Provide a narrative of your interpretation of the family history to include the following:

1.Patterns of disease.

2.Opportunities for patient education.

3.Factors complicating your interpretation.

4.Risk Classification.

5.Identify where more information is needed.

6.This is to be written according to the APA guidelines using 3 peer- reviewed scholarly journals. Use a title page. Attach the grading criteria to the back of your paper.

Sample of paper attached below