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Ethics and integrity go hand in hand. Often, we have an idea of where our ethical bottom line is but until we are faced with an actual situation we can really only speculate on what we would do. Think of movies like New Line Cinemas, John Q or My Sister’s Keeper both dealing with ethically challenging healthcare situations. We can also look at Showtime’s Nurse Jackie which presented ethically thought-provoking workplace situations.

One way to gain some insight into your own ethical foundation is to complete an ethical survey assessment and reflect on your thoughts as you proceed through the survey tool. For this assignment, you will complete find an ethics survey assessment and write a one-page reflection on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as you proceed through the survey tool. Most assessments will provide a summary of your ethical perception when you complete the tool. Please include information on to tools assessment of your ethics in comparison to your own perceptions of your ethics. There are several free assessments available online. One example is the Integrity and Work Ethics Test by Psychtests which can be found at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. . This is a very comprehensive and a bit lengthy but thorough explores both personal and professional ethics and integrity.

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  1. Complete an online ethics and integrity assessment. If you use one other than the one listed above, please provide the URL to the assessment. Do try to select one the provides a summary of your results upon completion.
  2. As you complete the assessment, write down notes on your thoughts as you proceed through the assessment.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment write a one page summary of what your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as you completed the ethics assessment. Be sure to include a comparison of the assessments summary of your ethical perception to your own assessment of your ethical perception.