My topic will be about Physical Education Teacher

Each student will be assigned a specific health science career/job as a basis to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must include the following summary of information to the class:

Physical Education Teacher

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Slide 1: Your Career. What does an individual do (job description)?

What specialty areas under the umbrella of health/exercise science does this career/job fall on (see PIE Chart on canvas)? (20 points).

Slide 2: What are some employment settings for your respective career/job (Hospital, gym)? Typical number of hours per week? Specific populations that an individual works with (elderly, obese, athletes)? (20 points).

Slide 3: What are the minimal education requirements? (Undergraduate or graduate degree, certification) (10 points).

Slide 4: What is the typical starting salary? Average salary? (10 points).

Slide 5: Show a videoclip of an individual on the job. (10 points).

Slide 6: Who are some well-known/famous individuals in that career? Describe their career path (school attended, years of experience, employment history, etc) (20 points).

Slide 7: References (APA format). Cite your sources using APA format in the actual slides also using footnotes or numeric identification that is liked to author’s surname. (10 points).

Total potential points =100

No patching, No hard grammar, No plagiarism.