Module 6 Theories and Models to Health Behavior Challenges Paper

Remember each of the people you were introduced to in each module of this course? Leah, Enrico, Ella, Tina, Markus, and Aymelek were each challenged by a health-related issue. Consider each of their situations and what a public health or health education professional might do to intervene and help improve their situations on the population level.

Leah is a 50-year-old, middle-class, Caucasian female living in the southeast. Colon cancer is a risk factor due to family history. She has anxiety about the colonoscopy preparation and screening and has no transportation to and from the procedure. She decided to cancel the coloscopy screening.

Enrico is a single, middle-aged, obese Hispanic male with Type 2 Diabetes living in the inner city. He takes his prescribed medication inconsistently due to side effects. Fast food is his primary nutrition source, and exercise is non-existent.

Ella is a 32-year-old, African-American, single working mother with a demanding workload that creates physical and emotional stress. A recent health screening showed a high blood pressure reading. She has since started to adjust her diet and increase daily physical activity.
In this Module, you will identify an issue and choose a specific theory or model to use to create an intervention to address this issue. Your intervention must use the constructs of the theory/model and must be specific to the target group, for that topic, in your community. One day, your intervention could be used to help people like Leah, Enrico, Ella, Tina, Markus, and Aymelek.

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