microbiology 9



Competency 211.2.6: Pathogenic Sources and Transmission – The graduate recognizes the origin and transmission of organisms in the environment and the adaptability of microbes; describes growth patterns of microbes and the elements necessary for the spread of infection; and determines possible hosts for given pathogens.

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Objective 211.2.6-03: Explain how the adaptability of microbes increases disease transmission.

Objective 211.2.6-04: Identify common environmental sources of specified microbes.

Objective 211.2.6-05: Describe the growth patterns of a given pathogen in a soil/water dish.

See Task 211.2.6-03-05 attached below for instructions.


 File Attachments:1.Microbiology Lab Manuallink opens in new window  2.Task 211.2.6-03-05link opens in new window  Rubrics:1.MLT1 – Task 9 (211.2.6-03-05)link opens in new window  Web Links:1.Rubric Termslink opens in new window