Medical Ethics Essay

We have discussed autonomy for competent patients, the rights of comatose patients and who should make medical decisions for them eg. Health Proxies. Now, I want you to focus on the rights of competent patients who are facing a terminal prognosis.

Please read the material in Chapter 2 ( CH. 3) and then select one of the following topics for your first essay assignment:

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1) Oregon’s right to Die Law and Brittany Maynard 2) Dr. Anna Pou’s Post-Katrina Decisions 3) Physician Assisted Duing

In addition to reading, and quoting, the text, do some research in medical journals on the topic. Then, write an essay of at least 3 pages (double spaced); cite your sources (APA style) and include a bibliography of your sources. In your essay, focus on the ethical issue illustrated and indicate your position on the topic.