match the terms about population

    Match the term to the answer.

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    Population size

    Population density


    Mark and recapture


    Mortality rate


    Interspecfic competition

    Age structure

  1. A. The proportion of individuals of a population at specific age ranges
    B. Members of the same population of organisms contending for resources
    C. The potential reproductive capacity of an individual within a population
    D. Species contending for resources in a shared habitat
    E. The statistical study of population changes over time
    F. The probability of individuals dying before their next birthday
    G. Used to determine population size of mobile organisms
    H. A sampling method used to determine population size and density of slow moving or stationary organisms
    I. The total number of individuals of a species worldwide
    J. The number of individuals within a specific area
    K. A description of how an organism maintains and reproduces itself from its birth until its death