Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology Presentation

Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology Presentation

Select one of the following psychological diagnoses:

·       Depressive disorder

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·       Generalized anxiety disorder

·       Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

·       Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Create a 9-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with Speaker Notes;

You have been asked to provide a presentation regarding psychological issues for a local community organization.  Your audience is made up of adults within the community who are not mental health professionals, and who are interested in learning more about a specific mental health issue.

Provide a brief explanation of the mental health issue chosen, including primary symptoms, diagnostic criteria, populations most affected, and prevalence within the U.S.

Discuss each of the major theories in Psychology: psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems approaches.  Compare and contrast the major approaches in relation to your selected psychological issue.  Include the following:

  • When, how, and why each approach developed, and identify psychologists most associated with the approach.
  • Terms and concepts associated with the psychological approach.
  • The techniques and strategies used by each approach, and the goals of treatment. 
  • The effectiveness of each approach towardtreating yourselected diagnosis, based on treatment outcome research.

Incorporate information from at least five peer-reviewed, professional publications.

Cite each source you have relied upon throughout the body of your presentation, and list them on a separate slide titled References.  Use direct quotes only sparingly.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit a signed Certificate of Originality document.