Literature Review and Problem Statement

For this Project Assignment, think about common trends in public health leadership, or critical areas of need for leadership in the field.

  • Prepare a literature review of scholarly articles related to your topic in public health leadership. This review should contain a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed or scholarly resources.
  • Based on what you find in the current public health leadership literature, Create a problem statement, (Learn how to write a good one) It must addresses:
    • Identified gaps while incorporating implications for positive social change.
    • Located within the Learning Resources for the week, you may find the information from Walden’s Online Writing Center helpful for your completion of the assignment.

Organize the project in the following manner. Each section should be represented for a comprehensive overview.

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Literature Review and Problem Statement (5–7 pages):

The Literature Review section should be written in the narrative form integrating concepts from the articles you find. The section should include:

  • A synthesis of a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly resources that give the reader a good overview of the issue. The section should show the reader common trends in public health leadership, or critical areas of need for leadership in the field
  • A description of theoretical gaps in the research area – Based on the research you just did in leadership, what seems to be missing (Theoretical gaps)?
  • Problem Statement should include:
    • An explanation of the specific problem that addresses identified gaps within the literature – If you are not sure of what a problem statement should include look it up. I’ll be looking for good comprehensive statements
    • An explanation of how your problem statement incorporates implications for positive social change – As students at Walden, “We” are preparing to become agents of social change, based on your leadership topic, the research you just did and the gaps you found how would you be a social agent for change?