Lab 4: Acceleration Due to Gravity

This lab entails collecting data by measuring the height from which the object will be dropped and accurately recording the time from release until it hits the floor. This lab focuses on collecting accurate data in order to calculate the value for acceleration due to gravity. The accepted value for acceleration due to gravity, g = 9.8 m/s^2. Students will select three heights that differ by more than ½ meter. The minimum height will be 1.0 meters. Students will record five times for each drop height and find the average time. The average time for each height will be used to calculate the value for gravity. The student will then calculate the percent error of the value calculated to the accepted value for acceleration due to gravity

Everything is on the file I’ve uploaded, for this lab you will need :

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1 Ball

Stop Watch that can measure less than one second. Recommended: Use timer on your computer or cell phone.

1 Tape Measure

You may use any small ball that have 2-6cm Diameter