Key Concepts of Person-Centered Therapy, assignment help

After reviewing the therapists demonstrating person-centered responses in the assigned videos, use the person-centered approach to create a counselor’s response to each of the following statements made by a client. Concentrate on responses that demonstrate empathy, rather than asking questions or offering solutions. Discuss how the counselor’s statement you created uses the theory’s key concepts and how your response aligns with the theory’s overall goal.

  • Client comment 1: “I have no idea what to do, and I hope you can tell me.”
  • Client comment 2: “My mother thinks I’m making the wrong decision and that makes me so angry. She is always trying to control me.”
  • Client comment 3: “I only came along because my wife made me. I just didn’t want to listen to her continuing to nag. Counseling is stupid, and I don’t believe it will help me at all!”
  • Client comment 4: “I’m going to school, I have a job, and I’m taking care of two kids and trying to make time for my husband. Most days, I don’t even know where to begin.”
  • Client comment 5: “My five-year-old daughter died of cancer after a year-long struggle. I cry all of the time, and I don’t know what to do. My daughter was everything to me, and I’ve lost her.”