Journal Article Review

It must be JOURNAL article not Research article.

Journal Article Review

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Assignment: Individually, find a health education journal article that focuses on a teaching technique (not a study!) from a professional health education journal.


The American Journal of Health Education
Journal of School Health
The Health Educator
American Journal of Public Health
Health Education Teaching Techniques
Journal of Health Promotion
Pedagogy in Health Promotion

The article should not be a research study or an evaluation of a program!


  1. Students will post the article (PDF) and one-page reference sheet to the specific Blackboard threads.
  2. The one-page reference sheet will also be submitted to Safe-Assign on Blackboard.
  3. Students will then present the article during class.

Length: Exactly 2 minutes (You will be stopped when you reach 2 minutes, so plan accordingly)

Materials: Just you and notecards if required.

One Page Reference Sheet – Include the following information and use titles:

Article Title

Journal Name

Article Date

Grade level or Community Setting

Briefly summarize the teaching technique/lesson plan. Tell us how it works


You will use the same information in class during your presentation.