Iguanas Vertebrates and Bristle Worms Non Vertebrates Research Paper

Choose ONE invertebrate and ONE vertebrate to research, the crazier and more unique the better. It may not be an animal mentioned in the textbook. I do not want to see what we have covered in the text or what is common (i.e. cats and dogs); find something interesting!


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INVERTEBRATE: Using the invertebrate you chose, discuss why it is simple or complex (THINK 5) and then walk through how it survives (THINK 7). You answers should mimic the notes given for chapter 26-28. You must include all 7 characteristic and 5 signs.

VERTEBRATE: Using the vertebrate you chose, discuss why it is classified as mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, or bird. List 5-7 reasons.

This should be written in paragraph form using complete sentences and correct grammar!