Identifying & Engaging Stakeholders HIV/AIDS

2-4 Pages plus reference page in APA format.

Imagine you are a public health practitioner and that you are trying to address HIV/AIDS Prevention in Imaginaria , and that you need to engage the local/state health department in the intervention planning and implementation. Respond to the following, using the attached reading!

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  • Provide a brief description of your assigned stakeholder/group of stakeholders = Local/state health department
  • Why do you think this stakeholder (local/state health department) would be interested/invested in the success of this intervention?
  • Based on the attached resources, what role would this stakeholder (local/state health department) best serve in the intervention process (e.g. steering committee member, subject matter expert, etc.)?
  • What are some specific strategies that could be used to engage this stakeholder (Local/state health department) in the intervention process?
  • Do you feel that the time, energy, and resources needed to engage this stakeholder (and keep them engaged) [Local/state health department] will pay off in terms of the success of the intervention?Why or why not?

Please include in text citations as applicable.