I need you to write a background about prediction the stock market by using paython

In the background section the student discusses recent (within the last 5 years) theories, ideas, methods, publications, similar applications, etc., that pertain to and/or were utilized during the project. In this section, create a taxonomy of prior work relevant for your project. Here you demonstrate that you have read and understand what others in the field have done. This ensures you (1) know the state-of-the-art, (2) are not directly copying others work, and (3) you know the performance levels you must achieve to make a contribution. As
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EEGR 491 Senior Project Capstone Design

With permission from Wilkes Capstone Senior Project Manila Site: http://course.wilkes.edu/capstone/ david.carey@wilkes.edu
you discuss each related work, make note of how each has advanced the field. Then, enumerate how your project extends and enhances prior work. (Some capstones, such as business plans, may not require this section.)

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