How many types of joints are there in the human body?

There are three types of joints in human body:

  1. Fibrous/fixed joints
  2. Cartilagenous/slightly movable joints
  3. Synovial/movable joints

Fixed joints are associated with collagen rich dense connective tissue. Examples are-

  • bony sutures present between skull bones.
  • gomphosis present between teeth and bony socket.


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Cartilagenous joints are only slightly movable. Examples are-

  • intervertebral discs and
  • pubic symphysis


Synovial joints are of five types:

  • ball and socket type present in shoulder and hip
  • hinge type present in knee and elbow
  • gliding type present in wrist and ankle
  • pivot type present between atlas and axis
  • saddle type present at the base of thumb