Holistic Health

B. Assignment Descriptions

1. Scholarly Paper

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1. This paper will be based on watching the movie “Driving Miss Daisy”

2. Remember to use APA format with title page, running head, citations and references.

3. Be sure to include a conclusion/summary at the end of the video report.

4. The paper should be at least 7 pages long including title and reference pages.

After carefully watching the movie, write a scholarly report. You may have to view the movie

twice in order to complete a critical analysis.

Part I: Analyze the movie, dissecting it into its basic elements:

1. Plot (basic situation, conflicts, climax, and resolution

2. Characters (protagonists/antagonists, dynamic/static)

3. Theme

4. Point of view

5. Setting

6. Symbolism (deeper meaning)

Part II: Express your perspective of the movie: After watching the movie, has your

thinking about cultures different from your own changed in any way? Did watching the

movie leave a lasting impression on you? Did you identify any trans-cultural concepts,

behaviors or practices in the movie?

Part III: Compare and contrast two characters of differing cultures in the movie. How

were they similar? How were they different?

Part IV: Summarize your discussion, including lessons learned, with examples, from

viewing the movie.