HNN320 Deakin Wk 2 Strategies To Reduce Risk Of Hospital-acquired Infections

For this assessment task, required to: • Identify two (2) key strategies from the literature for reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections for patients. Your discussion must include how each strategy will reduce hospital acquired infections; • To show understanding of the role of the Registered Nurse, critically discuss the implications for professional nursing practice in implementing each of the identified strategies.

Please also check the message from the Client and the very last four files

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This assignment requested only 2 strategies. This part should include; explanation of the selected strategy, discussion must include how each strategy will reduce hospital acquired infections. This is the first part of assignment. For example, promoting hand hygiene practices (Strategy 1). Explain what is hand hygiene, what happened while poor hand hygiene compliance, reason for poor hand hygiene compliance, justify how hand hygiene promotion improves hand hygiene compliance to reduces hospital acquired infection (Explain what is happening if not follow proper hand hygiene practices and how proper hand hygiene compliance reduces hospital acquired infection, support with literature evidence & give statistical evidence also) – You can get some points from previous written assignments attached (Do not copy).

a) Explain the strategy

b) Static evidence, Australian current evidence is preferred (After & Before)




C) How monitoring & performance to improve hand hygiene

D) Relate to National safety Quality standard

Quality & Safety (1st Standard)

Preventing & Controlling (03rd Standard)

Strategy 2, Promoting proper infection precaution methods (Eg: Droplet, airborne, contact..etc). Explain the strategy and follow the above method of explanation.

Then go for implementation part; This part is critical analysis (Not descriptive). Critical means, discuss both sides in implementation (Facilitators and barriers when applying these strategies in hospital settings) of each strategy.

maximum References should taken from Australia. If any most important evidence can chose from out of Australia.

Sources as many as possible-35